Welcome to FAWCO Alumnae USA

FAUSA–FAWCO Alumnae USA– is a vibrant and growing association of individuals who share the common experience of having lived abroad and who have returned to North America. Open to individuals and couples, many of whom were members of the Federation of American Women’s Clubs Overseas (FAWCO) network while living abroad, FAUSA strives to facilitate the repatriation experience of its members by serving as a resource for information, helping them maintain their international ties, and providing an immediate social network. As the North American arm of FAWCO, FAUSA members and their children are eligible for education awards from The FAWCO Foundation, and can participate in funding the awards, nominating a Development Grant, and supporting the FAWCO Target Programs.


…if you’re just returning from living overseas.


…if you’ve already moved back and want to stay connected to or reconnect with your friends abroad and to make new ones who speak our “language.”

Why Join FAUSA?

People who have lived outside their own country see the world through different eyes from those who haven’t had that opportunity. Our experiences are quite different, our friends more diverse, we (and our children) are likely to speak another language or two, and we are familiar with other cultures, through residency or travel.  In short, our perspective has changed. And so have we. Back in North America, we often feel just as we did when we moved to another culture: like a stranger.  As a FAUSA member, you can:

  • Be understood.

FAUSA is a network of global citizens who have returned to the US, Canada,  and Puerto Rico who share your experience of having lived outside our borders. They have felt the feelings that you may be experiencing since you returned, and would like to provide the support and information you may need.

  • Stay connected or reconnect

Membership is the perfect way to stay connected or to reconnect to that important international side of your life and with the friends you made overseas. Members are eligible to participate in FAWCO activities, including the annual FAWCO Conference.

  • Meet and greet

FAUSA holds its Annual Meeting every Fall, in a different part of the United States. It is both a business meeting and a social event, with a program geared for fun! There, you’re likely to see old friends from overseas and will make new ones who have shared similar experiences.

  • Give back

FAUSA maintains a Philanthropic Fund, through which it contributes to its own philanthropic projects, The FAWCO Foundation’s  Development Grants and Education Awards, or the FAWCO Target Programs. FAUSA members, their children, and grandchildren are eligible to apply for TFF Education Awards.